Vineyard Column - Křižovnické Square, Old Town

Vineyard Column

Křižovnické Square, Old Town

Vineyard column, currently standing by the church of St. Francis of Assissi, used to stand in front of the building of Prague Vineyard Office at the Křižovnické náměstí, right in front of the Old Town Bridge Tower. This office was in charge of foundation and maintenance of Prague vineyards and punished offences of winemakers and innkeepers but it was closed down by the emperor Joseph II in 1783. The column was transferred to its current location during the square adaptation in 1848. Thin column is enlaced by vine with grapes, on its top there is a statue of the patron of vineyards and winemakers St. Wenceslas in armour and coat, with a princely hat on his head, a spear with a flag in one hand and a shield in the other hand; it is the work of J. J. Bendl from 1676. There is a unique paving from red rounded stones under the column, transferred there from the remainders of the old Judith’s bridge; it is possibly the oldest street paving that can be seen in Prague.

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