Týn Presbytery Týn Presbytery 

Týn Presbytery - Celetná Street 5/601, Old Town

Týn Presbytery

Celetná Street 5/601, Old Town

Gothic building perhaps rebuilt in Renaissance style and then also in early (1690’s) and peak (1st quarter of the 19th century) Baroque style; the Baroque façade is very plain. Inside the building there is a side entrance into the church of Our Lady before Týn. From the original Gothic building whole walls were preserved as well as cellars and west roof gable from around 1365 which is higher than the current roof. The painted decorations of the interiors, particularly the Baroque ones, as well as the remainders of Gothic decorations, painted joist ceilings and mostly Baroque furniture are precious too. There used to be a hospital located on the site of this house, serving foreign merchants who stayed in the nearby Týn court, from 1365 the Týn Presbytery was located there. Until 1820 a cemetary surrounded the Presbytery.

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