Schwarzenberg (Lobkowicz) Palace Schwarzenberg (Lobkowicz) Palace Schwarzenberg (Lobkowicz) Palace Schwarzenberg (Lobkowicz) Palace Schwarzenberg (Lobkowicz) Palace 

Schwarzenberg (Lobkowicz) Palace - Hradčanské Square 2/185, Hradčany

Schwarzenberg (Lobkowicz) Palace

Hradčanské Square 2/185, Hradčany

Monumental three-wing Renaissance palace, commissioned by Jan of Lobkowicz Jr., built according to a plan of A. Galli (Vlach) in 1545-67 on the site of four houses that burned down during a fire of the Lesser Town and Hradčany; it is one of the principal monuments of Czech Renaissance period. The façade with gables and a projecting lunette cornice are all covered with sgraffito, inspired by North Italian graphic models in 1567. Inside the palace painted panel ceilings from 1580 were preserved in the halls on the second floor, displaying ancient Greek gods and allegorical characters. True to the builder´s intention, the palace is one of the dominant points of the Hradčany Square and it stands out in the Hradčany skyline, so that it represents the second most powerful noble family in the country in a dignified, even an overbearing, way. In 1694 Jiří of Lobkowicz was punished for an offence of the Emperor Rudolph II and his property was confiscated, new owners of the palace became the Rožmberk family, then the Eggenbergs and in 1719 the Schwarzenbergs. In 1871-90 some partial reconstruction works were done and the sgraffito were renovated, also again in the 1950´s. The palace maintained its original look both on the outside and inside. Until recently the palace hosted the exhibitions of old weapons and uniforms of the Historical Military Museum, at present time it is refurbished for the National Gallery; the collections of Czech Baroque art will be displayed there.

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