Black Tower Black Tower Black Tower 

Black Tower - Jiřská Street, Prague Castle

Black Tower

Jiřská Street, Prague Castle

In the eastern corner of the Burgrave’s House stands the Black Tower, built as part of the Romanesque fortifications of the Castle in the 12th century. It is 30 metres high, the walls are up to 3 metres thick at the bottom and around 2 metres on the top below the roof. The gate inside the tower originally served as an eastern entrance to the Prague Castle, which was then shifted in the mid-13th century between the tower and the buildings in place of the current Lobkowicz Palace. During the reign of Charles IV the tower roof was plated in gold and was called the Golden Tower, however, after the fire in 1541, it was renamed to Black. There was a prison for debtors inside the tower. In 1848 the imperial artillery shot at the Prague rebels from there.

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