Lurago Carlo also Luragho

*1615 (Pellio, Italy)1684 (Passau, Germany)

Italian architect and builder, member of a large artistic family of Luragos. He was the first one who to introduce early Baroque style in Bohemia where he was active from 1730´s. He worked in Bavaria, Austria and Klodzko. He was a leader of a big group of Italian craftsmen with whom he realized his own plans as well as plans of other architects. His works are still based on the rules of Italian mannerism but they are enriched by tradition of Czech and Viennese building styles. He worked mostly for religious orders (mostly Jesuits), for nobility he designed palaces (for Černíns, Lobkowiczs, Piccolominis, Thuns) and he cooperated on building of Prague fortifications (e.g.Vyšehrad, Old Town).

  • Works in Prague(selection):
  • Works out of Prague(selection):
    • cathedral in Passau (Germany)
    • church of Assumption of Our Lady in Hradec Králové
    • church of the Holiest Trinity in Klášterec nad Ohří
    • college and church in Březnice
    • St.Ignatius Church in Chomutov
    • Pilgrim district Svatá Hora by Příbram
    • chateau Humprecht by Sobotka
    • chateaux in Nové Město nad Metují, Náchod, Klášterec nad Ohří - reconstructions

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