Dientzenhofer Kilián Ignác called also Dienzenhofer

*1689 (Prague), †1751 (Prague)

German born Czech architect, son of K.Dientzenhofer.One of the most important representatives of peak baroque style in the Czech countries who continued in the footsteps of his father and J.B.Santini and who also cooperated with his son-in-law A.M.Lurago at the end of his life. He studied in Prague and Vienna, he travelled to Paris and Italy and he settled in Prague in 1715.He mainly worked for church orders (at the begining for St.Benedikt Order), to lesser extent for nobility. He created an original style based on penetrating oval spaces, later on he made the buildings simpler and he conformed to the Classicist trend; at the end of his creative life he succumbed to the Rococo style. From 1737 he was the chief fortress builder in Bohemia.

  • Works in Prague (selection):
    • Cloisters and the church of the Nativity of Our Lord in Loretto
    • St.Nicholas Church at Lesser Town Square
    • Invalid War Veterans´House in Karlín
    • Clementinum
    • Church of Our Lady on the Turf Na slupi Street
    • St.Bartholomew Church in Bartolomějská Street
    • Church of St.Cyril and Metod in Resslova Street
    • Church of St. John of Nepomuk at Skalka in Vyšehradská Street
    • Church of St.John of Nepomuk in Kanovnická Street
    • Church of St.Catherine in Kateřinská Street
    • Church of St.Nicholas at the Old Town Square
    • Church of St.Thomas Apostle in Letenská Street
    • St.Thomas Church at Lesser Town
    • Church of St. Lawrence in Petřín Gardens
    • Michna Summer House (America) in Ke Karlovu Street
    • Pachta Palace in Celetná Street
    • Sylva-Taroucca Palace at Na Příkopě Street
    • Portheim Villa at Náměstí 14 října
    • Belfry of St. Nicholas Church at Lesser Town Square
  • Works out of Prague (selection):
    • Chapel of Our Lady at Hvězda by Křižnice
    • Monastery in Kutná Hora
    • Monastery buildings and church in Legnicke Pole (Poland)
    • Convent of monastery in Broumov
    • Church of Mater Dolorosa in Dobrá Voda by České Budějovice
    • Church of St. Francis Xaverius in Opařany
    • Church of St. Clement in Odolena Voda
    • Church of St. Maria Magdalen in Karlsbad
    • churches in Ruprechtice, Heřmánkovice, Vižňov,Šonov
    • Pilgrim´s church of Virgin Mary Birth in Nicov

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