Brokof Michal Jan Josef called also Brokoff, Brokhoff, Brokov, Prokov

*1686 (Klášterec nad Ohří), †1721 (Prague)

Czech sculptor: son of J.Brokof, brother of F.M.Brokof. As an artist he started his career in his father´s workshop and later on was trained by other Prague woodcarvers, particularly by F.O. Quitainer. After his father died he became in charge of the family business but after some time he left this position to his brother. Michal´s work definitely represents a transition between his father´s style and his brother´s peak Baroque sculpture. In comparison with his brother´s works, his creations are simpler, less spatially distinctive, stiffer and less harmonized.In spite of that, M.J.J.Brokof belongs among the most outstanding Czech Baroque sculptors even though he stayed in the shadow of his more famous brother.

  • Works in Prague (selection):
  • Works outside Prague(selection):
    • Sculptures of Czech patrons at Old Town Square in Děčín
    • Group of sculptures of Our Lady in Police nad Metují
    • Decoration of chateau in Rožďalovice

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